Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Tag: Valentine’s Day

Literary Loves: What fictional romance has taught me about real-life relationships

For the first 17 years of my life, I felt like everything I knew about love I learned from books. Sure, as a self-conscious...

Number 19

'Walking along the Edgware Road It's ten o'clock at night I glance down at my phone amongst it all And it's your name that glows in the light'

Love from,

'You're in all the details, taking up the small spaces/You're filling in the gaps between words in this poem.'

Students show their love for the climate

Last Friday, February 14, more than 100 school students gathered in Bonn Square as part of Oxford’s latest climate strike. Taking place on Valentine’s...

Tinder? I hardly know her

2:30AM. You’ve left Bridge before closing. Some reptilian part of your VK-addled brain sparks up and before you know it, you’re in bed swiping left on...

Love and Long-Term Relationships: The Pressure to Commit

As Valentine’s Day is upon us, and advertisements make it almost impossible not to be constantly reminded of the holiday, many wonder about their relationship status....

Brakes review – ‘ticklingly funny and quietly frightening’

A refreshingly home-made and honest depiction of break-ups

A Letter To: Singles on Valentine’s Day

Meha Razdan gives you her words of wisdom