Missing Chemistry


The most glamorous pair in the science world last week announced their impending divorce, just weeks after being described as “Oxford’s golden couple.” Millionaire Peter Atkins, a professor at Lincoln College, split from his equally famous wife, Baroness Greenfield, seeing his claim that “every book he publishes costs him a wife” come true for a third time. Sources say that they first became aware of problems in the twelve-year marriage when Professor Atkins’ belongings appeared piled up in the lobby of the couple’s Mayfair apartment building two weeks ago. “They were outside briefly. But I can see how that might look to a third party,” she said. “I just needed more space.” The Baroness maintains that no-one else had been involved in the break up. “We were just two middle aged people who had drifted apart.” She added, “While we haven’t exactly had a lot to say to each other recently, I hope we will always be friends.” Atkins himself claims that the Baroness’ decision to end the marriage was totally unexpected. “It was a complete surprise,” he told reporters. “One day she just turned to me and said, “This marriage isn’t working.” ‘She is not a lady to accommodate discussion. I was declared redundant, and that was it. Of course, I had always known she was a tough cookie. You do not get to where she is without being very tough.”
ARCHIVE: 2nd Week TT 2003


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