Monday, March 8, 2021
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    Homelessness in Oxfordshire has nearly halved since 2019

    "Homelessness in Oxfordshire has nearly halved since 2019 due to the Oxfordshire County Council’s response to a government directive urging councils to get ‘everyone in’ due to the pandemic. This comes as Oxfordshire County Council commits to a new ‘housing-led’ approach to homelessness, the first of its kind in the country."

    Cambridge SU Undergraduate President calls for reading week to improve student wellbeing

    As well as tackling loneliness, his proposal hopes to create more time for the academic and extra-curricular opportunities Cambridge offers, as well as to reduce the number of students forced to consider or undertake intermission for academic reasons.

    Colleges announce vacation policies

    In emails seen by Cherwell, colleges have outlined their policies for students who are resident in college at the end of Hilary term. In line with government guidance, students who wish to return home for the vacation may do so provided they have an exemption under government guidance.

    Citizen scientists study polar bears with Oxford researchers

    Rhere are currently 1358 volunteers supporting the research. The Arctic Bears project asks these volunteers to study batches of photos alongside a field guide. The volunteers provide the researchers with information on the number of bears or cubs, their genders, and multiple other factors.

    University confirms record-low 1 case this week and releases lateral flow results

    "The University has confirmed 1 case of Covid-19 amongst staff and students from Early Alert Service tests for the 20th of February to 26th of February, with a positivity rate of 1.9% and 54 tests administered in total. This marks the lowest figures this term for positive test results, tests administered, and positivity rate."