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    Hertford announces changes to bursary scheme

    Hertford College has announced changes to its bursary scheme, involving a cut to those receiving the Crankstart Scholarship. A range of changes have been announced, including increases in eligibility, the form of compensation, and distinguishing between Crankstart scholars and non-scholars. With the aim to “provide improved levels of support, in a more targeted way, to a wider range of students”, the upper limit of household income required to qualify for an automatic award will be raised from £53k to £63k, the first time it has...


    AD: Find a fulfilling career that does good / 80,000 Hours


    Some habits die hard: the truth about Oxford’s Coffee Culture

    The baristas in Cornmarket Pret know my coffee order on sight. My friends rarely see me without a strong black Americano in hand. You might say I’m an extreme case, or express concern that...

    Open Minds, Open Conversations: An Interview with the LOAF Podcast

    I knew vaguely of the podcast run by four of my fellow Christ Church students before interviewing them for Cherwell. It takes hard work to balance any extracurricular alongside an Oxford degree, and I...

    Food Fight! Oxford and Cambridge compete to tackle food poverty

    This summer, the long-anticipated ‘Great Oxbridge BOGOF’ will be returning for its 3rd run. The food drive competition is run by the charity ‘Because We Can’, and sees the Colleges of Oxford and Cambridge...

    Unlocking the Power of EdTech: Revolutionising Education for a Brighter Future

    EdTech: Pioneering the Future of Education In today's modern era, technology's imprint is increasingly prominent, reshaping all aspects of our lives, and carving a new trajectory for the learning process. This exciting convergence, known as Educational Technology (EdTech), has been a transformative force, redefining how students learn, and teachers instruct....

    “The world around us is evolving at a much faster pace than the reading lists”: Are women underrepresented in the curriculum? 

    The fact that women seemed sidelined by the curriculum in school always seemed an accepted fact. In GCSE English, we encountered depictions of Curley’s unnamed wife; in History, it was almost inevitable that women were not featured in broad discussions of 20th-century warfare. When it came to STEM subjects,...

    Charles III: King or Emperor?

    When stripped down to its most skeletal form, the Coronation of King Charles III entailed a simple ferrying of objects from altar to throne. The Crown, of course—expertly installed upon the monarch’s greyed pate by the Archbishop; but also the Orb and Sceptre, staples of coronation portraiture from Charles...


    “The person in me was reduced to someone else’s interpretation”: In conversation with pop artist, Avanti Nagral

    Avanti Nagral is many things. She classifies herself as a Rory Gilmore, an older sister, a pink flamingo, Taylor Swift’s album ‘Lover’, and a Gryffindor, but primarily I would...


    Retelling the Immigrant Experience: A Review of ‘Xiao’

    'Before us is a potted plant, a porcelain tea set, a dinner table, and a couple in embrace.'

    “Fast-paced, witty and painfully relatable”: Review of Immaculate

    'The Devil, complete with a set of black wings, is sat at the end of the row having a chat with an audience member as we arrive for the opening night of Oliver Lansley’s ‘Immaculate’ '