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    Oriel College the last in Oxford to end Scholars’ Privilege in room ballot

    After years of discussion, Oriel College’s Governing Body has agreed with the JCR to abolish Scholars’ Privilege in the room ballot. It is the last Oxford college to do so.  At the end of Hilary, the Governing Body (GB) adopted the JCR’s proposal to remove the room-allocation advantage given to those who perform exceptionally well in Prelims or Mods. This...



    The Hackathon to Cabinet: How the Oxford Union shapes Britain’s political culture

    CW: sexual assault It's no secret to anyone who reads the news that British politics begins in the cloisters of...

    Ukraine and Oxford on the anniversary of the invasion

    Cherwell interviewed Oxford Ukrainian Scholars and refugee coordinators as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reached its one year anniversary. Friday 24th...

    “I was told that I need to better manage my time”: Living with endometriosis at Oxford

    CW: suicide Underdiagnosed and understudied, endometriosis has long existed largely in the shadows. For one Oxford student who responded to...

    Hanging in there: The ‘Myrkl’ pill that might change the way Oxford drinks

    Hangover anecdotes tend to interest their teller more than their audience. So, I’ll let you read some triumphant exceptions to the rule written by P. G. Wodehouse and Tom Wolfe while I go get a Coca Cola and wait for my fingers to stop jittering all over the keys. This...

    Pathology and Privilege: The inherent ‘Britishness’ of our political scandals

    Nadhim Zahawi’s slippery handling of his tax affairs represents another droplet in an ocean of dishonour. It emerged last week that the former Conservative Party chairman had failed to disclose HMRC’s punishment of his capital gains tax avoidance on shares worth £27 million in Balshore Investments, an offshore holding...

    It’s time to get angry about the explosive impact of fragile masculinity

    On the 11th of January, Alex Davies-Jones made a speech in the House of Commons about the "crisis" unfurling in secondary schools across the UK as a result of the harrowing impact of Andrew Tate’s "vile misogyny". She raised the important question of what the government is actually doing...


    In conversation with Barney Mayhew

    Barney Mayhew is an expert in conflict and humanitarian aid. He served in the armed forces for four years in Cyprus, Germany, Namibia and Northern Ireland, and has worked on...

    In conversation with Luca Guadagnino

    Obviously you’re in a very student-dominated space, so we were going to start by asking about your series ‘We Are Who We Are’. How did you go about inhabiting...


    Give a Book, Give a Smile!

    "If it were up to me, I would make every day International Book Giving Day."


    Wilding Oxford – Wine before food

    'There are other great restaurants and there are other good wine bars but the pairing of both of those elements here makes a location for all occasions.'

    Bbuona – Italia a Oxford

    'Really though, that espresso wouldn’t be complete without a Bbuona cannolo.'

    Just Lokma — Oxford’s Turkish dessert location

    'All in all, Just Lokma is yet another exciting and interesting addition to international stores and offerings on Cowley Road.'

    Pompette — Relaxed, refined, and perfectly French

    'Come expecting warmth, authenticity, and a good time. Leave feeling stuffed, satisfied, and delighted.'