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    Linacre College drops proposed name change after Thao donation blocked

    The proposed name change of Linacre College to ‘Thao College’ has been dropped after the “transformative donation” to the College failed to materialise due to restrictions in Vietnam. Two years ago the college announced that it would be receiving a £155 million donation from SOVICO Group, and that it was planning to change its name to ‘Thao college’ after the conglomerate’s chairwoman and Vietnamese billionaire, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao. However, according to The Telegraph, alumni were told that the college no longer expects to receive...


    AD: Bernard Williams Essay Prize in AI Ethics


    Reflections of an Oxford Union reporter

    For better or worse, I’m known around town as a journalist who reports on the Oxford Union - something I’ve done for both Cherwell and national newspapers over the last two years. Now, before...

    Some habits die hard: the truth about Oxford’s Coffee Culture

    The baristas in Cornmarket Pret know my coffee order on sight. My friends rarely see me without a strong black Americano in hand. You might say I’m an extreme case, or express concern that...

    Open Minds, Open Conversations: An Interview with the LOAF Podcast

    I knew vaguely of the podcast run by four of my fellow Christ Church students before interviewing them for Cherwell. It takes hard work to balance any extracurricular alongside an Oxford degree, and I...

    How do we keep Campsfield closed?

    In the first week of Hilary Term, The Student Union became an officially named member of the Keep Campsfield Closed Coalition. The coalition has been organising repeated protests to raise awareness and to express the strong local opposition across Oxfordshire to Campsfield immigration centre’s reopening. But what is Campsfield? Located...

    Unlocking the Power of EdTech: Revolutionising Education for a Brighter Future

    EdTech: Pioneering the Future of Education In today's modern era, technology's imprint is increasingly prominent, reshaping all aspects of our lives, and carving a new trajectory for the learning process. This exciting convergence, known as Educational Technology (EdTech), has been a transformative force, redefining how students learn, and teachers instruct....

    “The world around us is evolving at a much faster pace than the reading lists”: Are women underrepresented in the curriculum? 

    The fact that women seemed sidelined by the curriculum in school always seemed an accepted fact. In GCSE English, we encountered depictions of Curley’s unnamed wife; in History, it was almost inevitable that women were not featured in broad discussions of 20th-century warfare. When it came to STEM subjects,...


    From War to Freedom: In conversation with an Ukrainian refugee

    Aleksandr is from Kharkiv Oblast’ in Ukraine. When the war broke out, he and his family drove all the way from Ukraine to England, bringing everything – their life,...

    “I’d rather have regrets about not doing something, than regret doing it”: In conversation with Game of Thrones star, John Bradley

    John Bradley West is an English actor famous for his role as Samwell Tarly in HBO’s massive global hit fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones. Since then, he has...


    Harry Potter as Therapy

    'I am 25 years old, and I have reread the Harry Potter books 10 times, but in this review I want to introduce you to something truly special'

    “A Brilliant Balancing Act”: A Review of By Proxy

    By Proxy is shocking, morally complicated, and will have you frustrated, yet empathetic towards both Kit and Jo. It is also hysterically funny, with witty dialogue and inside jokes that will appeal to the Oxford student. By Proxy is a brilliant balancing act that engages at every turn.