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Special report: “Have you come to see the shrunken heads?” University Museums face pressure to decolonise

Oxford University’s museums, the Pitt Rivers and the Ashmolean, have seen a growing appeal to revisit their spaces and museum practices with a contemporary eye in light of their colonial pasts. The protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd in 2020, and the Black Lives Matter Movement put into question the UK’s colonial past and the legacy it...



Why have so many Prime Ministers gone to Oxford?

The question as to why so many of the Government’s top brass has come from the esteemed colleges of...

‘Swinging the Lens’: In conversation with Adjoa Andoh

Adjoa Andoh, a ground-breaking actor and director, known most recently for her role as Lady Danbury on Netflix show...

“Staying in the trouble” at Oxford

“Staying with the trouble”. This was a quote from feminist geographer and all-round academic queen Donna Haraway (2016), cited...

The 2024 Conundrum: Should Biden Run?

The presidency is the ultimate job. Theoretically available to any American, it shimmers mirage-like on millions of intimate and individual horizons. In What It Takes, his 1,100 page paean to president-picking, Richard Ben Cramer writes that this singularity “was someone altogether larger, and more extraordinary than we.”  This chief executive,...

Turning ladies’ Figure Skating into another sport: Eteri Tutberidze and the future of Figure Skating

CW: Eating Disorders “It’s amazing what they’re doing there!” declared commentator Chris Howarth during the 2019 Grand Prix Final. “Turning ladies’ figure skating into another sport.”  He was referring to four of the competing women – or, more accurately, girls, not one over the age of seventeen – and their coaching...

The iron fist of a former Prosecutor General: The future of Korean politics

It has been more than half a year since the 2022 South Korean presidential elections were held. COVID-19, growing economic inequality, an unfair housing market, and gender issues all fueled the closest presidential race in Korean history, with the conservative People’s Party candidate, Yoon Suk Yeol, narrowly beating out...


“Freedom will be achieved by women”: Oxford Iranian students on protests of Islamic Republic

Students in Iran are in an existential fight for freedom. At academic institutions such as Sharif University of Technology and Khajeh-Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Engineering and Science majors...

Nocturne Productions: A new take on filmmaking in Oxford with “Breakwater”

‘Breakwater’ is an upcoming feature-length film, produced by Oxford-based Nocturne Productions, and the first film by Oxford University students since Privileged in 1982. The film follows the relationship between...


Snow way! Centenary Varsity Ski Trip fails to sell out

The Varsity ski Trip continued to sell tickets up...

Before Midnight: ‘Linklater manages to paint a picture of love that feels real, without sacrificing any sense of beauty or magic’. 

'Before Midnight, then, beautifully and honestly draws Linklater’s Before trilogy to a fitting conclusion. As a meditation on love and relationships it reminds us that it’s not always plain sailing, but that this doesn’t erase or dampen our past experiences.' Josh McGrane evaluates the final instalment of Richard Linklater's beloved 'Before' trilogy.


Forget the Blues – It’s time for Oranges!

"I realised essays can be hard, but they can also be fun, and they can also be difficult, but then I can have a dance afterwards."

Banana Tree review — Signature dishes star

"Overall, Banana Tree is a pleasant surprise. Despite the occasional missteps that are somewhat inevitable when trying to deliver a menu covering an entire continent, it is defined by a selection of star dishes and reliable classics."

Dysfunctional parents = a kid’s BFF

'I can feel myself slowly metamorphose into a boy who cried “divorce!”'