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    Don in publisher row over “cancelled” colonialism book

    Professor Nigel Bigger is in a row with publisher Bloomsbury for the "cancellation" of his book about British colonialism.



    The ugly truth about pretty privilege

    CW: Eating disorders, racism, body dysmorphia, references to sexual violence. Before I begin, I’d like to say thank you to...

    Preying on Oxford’s (cyber) insecurities

    Harry is an MPP candidate at the Blavatnik School of Government. Prior to starting at Oxford, she worked as...

    Oxford and Empire: An “uncomfortable” history

    Oxford life is tied to tradition. From reciting Latin at the start of formal hall to donning gowns for...

    ‘Swinging the Lens’: In conversation with Adjoa Andoh

    Adjoa Andoh, a ground-breaking actor and director, known most recently for her role as Lady Danbury on Netflix show Bridgerton is the 2022 – 2023 Cameron Mackintosh Professor of Contemporary Theatre at St Catherine’s college. She will be holding a series of ‘in conversations’ and workshops addressing key issues...

    “Staying in the trouble” at Oxford

    “Staying with the trouble”. This was a quote from feminist geographer and all-round academic queen Donna Haraway (2016), cited in Elwood and Leszczynski’s (2018) paper about feminist digital geographies. Despite having not realised that ‘digital geographies’ is actually a subdiscipline of the degree that I’ve already spent a year...

    What is Human Sciences?

    As the degree celebrates its 50th year, Freya Jones asks current students what it’s actually about.


    “You write things and get lucky”: In conversation with screenwriter John Hodge

    Although you may not know John’s name, you’ll certainly know his work. Having written the screenplays for Trainspotting, The Beach, A Life Less Ordinary, and T2 Trainspotting, as well...

    “All it takes is one yes”: In conversation with Sian Eleri

    It’s a rainy January day and I’m sitting alone in my room, anxiously scrutinising my face on Zoom as I wait for Sian Eleri to join the call. Sian...


    Luxury in Crisis

    "The future looks bleak – but that’s no reason not to make the present a little less unbearable."

    Sound And Vision: Better Call Saul’s Perfect Montage

    "The perfect song choice is instrumental in creating the perfect montage".


    Tales from the Trip

    There are some magical moments amongst the weirdness and terror of tripping.

    Battling the Blues

    Jessica Mason guides us through the dark, blue days...

    Whoops I did it again – Big Mamma’s latest opening, Jacuzzi, brings its famed glitz, glamour and gorgeous food to Kensington High Street

    The food at Jacuzzi is stunning but make no mistake, the experience of dining in a remarkable environment with such attentive and knowledgeable service is what makes the whole thing so special.

    Baba, Bridge, and Academic Beat Downs

    Huda Daghem tracks the highs and lows of Oxford,...