Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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On a sunny but very windy afternoon on Sunday 10th March, the Women’s Football Blues faced Cambridge in their annual Varsity match at the Hive Stadium in Barnet. The stakes were high - with their BUCS season drawing to a close, this game was the climax the team had been preparing for all season. Perhaps the fact...
One anonymous OULC member told Cherwell "on certain issues the ability to voice dissent via the press is valuable, and the Labour club will ultimately be weaker for the absence of honest disagreement with the party line.”
Oxford University Boat Club (OUBC) and Women’s Boat Club (OUWBC) this morning confirmed their crews at the City Hall, London for next month’s Boat Races. The Men’s boat is identical to the crew that was named for last weekend’s fixture against Oxford Brookes, a race that was postponed due to high winds. The...
An open letter from the JCR Committee called the proposal “an embarrassing attempt at increasing the University’s prestige, which would demean students, faculty and the Colleges.”
Cherwell can reveal that Nigel Farage is expected to speak at the Oxford Union on Thursday's eighth week debate on Brexit. The announcement of Farage's appearance had not yet been made by the Oxford Union, but instead was pre-empted by Labour peer and People's Vote supporter Andrew Adonis, who this morning tweeted: "I'm debating...
The Provost ruled against a majority vote to fly the flag for the entire month, before reversing his decision.
Brendan McGrath will be Union President next Michaelmas after receiving 84 more first preferences than rival James Lamming. Candidates on McGrath's 'Together' slate also secured the positions of Librarian-Elect (Mahi Joshi), Treasurer-Elect (Shining Zhao), and Secretary (Amelia Harvey). Three out of the four Standing Committee candidates nominated by the 'Together'...
New data shows that 8.7% of female postgraduates suspended their studies in 2016/17, one-third higher than the rate for men (6.5%). The gender discrepancy was mirrored in withdrawal rates, which were 1.37% for men compared to 1.64% for women. The data, obtained from the University by Cherwell, reveals a consistent gender disparity in...
The new website explains that the University is now “making preparations” for the possibility that Britain leaves the EU without a deal.
Brendan McGrath, against whom a motion for impeachment was filed on Thursday 7th, has won his vote not to be impeached by 400 votes to 189. A notice has been pinned on the Oxford Union noticeboard that reads "The Librarian remains in office. The Motion of Impeachment is unsuccessful". The...
“Casualised contracts magnify pre-existing inequalities in the workforce”
Panthers dominate Varsity match in monumental year for women's rugby at Oxford
The convention which now seems part-and-parcel of theatre wasn’t always there – indoor venues and developments in lighting provided new staging opportunities. But what is the theatrical blackout for?
A woman and man stand facing each other with a clock in the background.
Wonderful set design, music, and performance make for a beautiful new song cycle by Máth Roberts

Coldplay heating up

The death of being embarrassed about playing Coldplay in the shower
The shooting in Christchurch is far from an isolated incident, but rather a reflection of broken and bigoted social structures.
His new Netflix show is another success for the experienced British comic.
*Content Warning* The graffiti showed Swastikas and the phrase 'SUB 2 pewdiepie'. Thames Valley Police are treating the incident as a hate crime.
A genre in herself, Lana’s sleepy Hollywood aesthetic and tragic love songs have earned her success in the indie pop scene. Under her real name, Lizzy Grant, the singer attempted a career in 2009, performing in clubs and bars, without luck. Adopting the stage name of Lana Del Rey and growing into the all-American woman she...
Dr Kate Tunstall will take over as Interim Provost, as incumbent wishes to 'return to academic work'.
We must resist the recent movement towards counterfactual dietary and health advice.
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