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Less Than Jake must be dead old by now, but they remain capable of making solid ska-rock. ‘She’s Gonna Break Soon’ is a strong hook-filled shouty anthem. Unfortunately it attempts sensitivity. “It’s the boys in bars on Friday night that replace the emptiness inside.” Go tell it on the mountain… ‘Get Busy’ by Sean Paul is nothing special. “Let’s get it on, til the early morn, it’s all good, just turn me on” is as interesting as it gets. Shaggy probably sounded this forgettable during his lost years. Alexis Strumon the other hand sounds like a dull Kylie. ‘Addicted’ is insipid electro-pop about being a junkie. Please! Strum is a new non-talent that some stupid record label is wasting their money on. And she used to write music reviews in a student paper. Mega sad. All singles out Monday.
ARCHIVE: 3rd Week TT 2003


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