Chicken chow main-road


A New college student was arrested for running out in front of
a car which was part of the Chinese Prime Minister’s convey.
Second year Matt Sellwood was part of a group of protesters who
interupted Wen Jiabao’s visit to Oxford on Monday. The students, some of whom were members of the Oxford Tibet
Society, were demonstrating against the Chinese government’s
Tibet policy. The incident took place during Jiabao’s visit
to the new Chemistry research building on Parks Road. Having run
into the path of the oncoming car, Sellwood was apprehended
swiftly by officers, and taken by police van to the St
Aldate’s police station. He was held there until being bailed, awaiting charges under
the Public Order Act. His case will be heard at Oxford
Magistrates’ Court on 18 May, though he will not face
custodial charges. Meanwhile, the rest of the Chinese politician’s tour
proceeded smoothly, although protestors followed him to Christ
Church, where he took tea.ARCHIVE: 2nd week TT 2004 


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