Rent rise concerns rehashed


The front page of The OxStu last week dramatically revealed
plans by various colleges to raise rents, almost six months after
Cherwell first broke the story. Cherwell reported that the Magdalen JCR had been informed of
the college’s intention to raise rents by 38% over 3 years,
including the Van Noorden index of Oxford specific inflation,
back in November of last year, in the seventh week edition of the
Michaelmas term. Cherwell also revealed an independent audit conducted for the
University, and the likelihood that it would recommend rent
rises, last October, in the first edition of the Michaelmas term. The confidential audit carried out by JM Consulting showed
that the true cost of students’ use of college rooms is
actually between £3,873 and £6,006, more than double the
figures which are currently charged. The Oxford Estates’ Bursars Committee has considered the
report’s findings and has prescribed an end to subsidies on
rent. The committee had previously expressed a desire to eliminate
subsidies on rooms by 2006. If the full rent rise is carried through and combined with the
introduction of top-up fees, the cost of a degree might rise to
£10,000 a year.ARCHIVE: 2nd week TT 2004 


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