Wadham ceiling collapses in rain


A Wadham student’s ceiling caved in as a result of Tuesday’s downpour, after collapsing under the weight of the water.

Fresher Jonathan Mitchell realised that rain water was dripping down the walls in the corner of his staircase 10 bedroom on Tuesday morning.

By the early afternoon, Mitchell described the situation as “really bad” after heavy rain began to penetrate the ceiling.
Mitchell said he had noticed that the room was damp when he moved in at the start of the academic year, and claimed that his ceiling “did leak in first term during heavy rain”.

When he noticed that water was leaking into his college room on Tuesday morning, he was initially unconcerned and helped his scout to place buckets and bins to collect it. Mitchell then removed his laptop from the bedroom, and went to work elsewhere.

However on return to his room at 2pm, he saw that accumulated rainfall had caused one of the ceiling panels to “bulge” and “sag down.” He commented, “The floor was soaking wet. My desk was drenched. Fortunately, I had removed my laptop.” He added that some of his notes did get wet because of the leak.

Despite having to leave his room indefinitely, Mitchell remains optimistic. “Luckily, nothing valuable has been damaged and College have been really good.”

Mitchell has been allocated another room in Wadham, where he expects to stay for the rest of term. He has said that is old room has been left uninhabitable now that the damp has soaked through the ceiling, walls and carpet.

Two Wadhamites who live above Mitchell were also affected by the flooding.


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