Get into… the social scene


While you’ll bump into people around college during freshers’ week, why not branch out and join some of Oxford’s many societies devoted to socialising? They vary in cost, friendliness and how likely you are to bump into hacks, so use our guide to find out which one you’ll most enjoy

Law Soc
President’s Drinks, 8.30pm, Town Hall, 1st October

Possibly the most popular of all the Oxford societies, although no one joins it for the lectures and the majority of members don’t study law. Membership is £30 for the duration of your course, or £15 for a year, yet many students will swear that they made that money back in one evening through drink alone. As its primary function is social, it’s a great place for networking, as well as playing “spot the hack”. The highlight of the term is the champagne and chocolate evening – don’t miss it.

OU Investment Finance Society
Drinks at Raoul’s, Monday 13th October, 7.30pm

With over 850 members in the University, OUIFS provides a platform for students to reach key firms in the investment world. However, the main reason many attend is both the sheer amount of free food and drink offered and the social opportunities, although some may find the hackery intimidating. But with the credit crunch and the collapse of some of their main sponsors, the future for OUIFS is uncertain. Move quickly to take advantage of their impressive social events.

Med Soc
Dissection Drinks, 8pm, Brasenose, 16th October

Whilst its primary function is still social, Med Soc’s socials are not nearly as impressive as those offered by Law Soc. Make sure you join if you’re a medic, and go to the dissection drinks where you’ll be able to meet other medically minded freshers. If you’re not then just get a ticket for their halloween party. It’s held annually in the town hall and is always sold out.

Freshers Drinks, 7pm, Teddy Hall, 16th October

A friendly and unintimidating atmosphere and regular socials make this a great place for meeting new people. Tuesday night drinks are extremely cheap and well attended, and they finish the night at Pop Tarts, the weekly gay night at the popular Babylove bar. But there is no pressure to drink if you don’t want to and pizza nights are organised a few times a term for a more relaxed evening if that’s what you’re after.

Varsity Ski Trip

The varsity ski trip guarantees a week of great skiing and the opportunity to socialise with tabs. The destination this year is Val Thorens, which, as the highest resort and largest club in the Alps, means that not only will the snow be good, but the nightlife will be too. But even if skiing’s not your thing, make sure you go along to the various socials and club nights, where you’re guaranteed friendly faces and plenty of cheap drinks.

College Bars
Super Tuesdays, 7.30pm, Baliol, Tuesday

Obviously the first place to get to know those in your college, but it’s worth sampling the other colleges as well. Drinks will always be among the cheapest in Oxford, and often entertainment is offered such as open mic nights and pub quizzes. The informal atmosphere makes the college bar a guaranteed good night. Head to Balliol bar for Super Tuesdays and also to Hertford bar for a dark pango, but be warned, it’s an absolutely lethal drink…

Union Presidential drinks
The Union, Thursday, arrive fashionably late, 9.30pm

Has, in previous years, been the place where a select few, the elite of Oxford, can retreat after debates to carelessly drink away both theirs, and everyone else’s, membership fee. But this year, the powers that be at the Union have promised a change; pressie drinks will be for everyone, and not just for the president’s friends… we’ll see, but one thing is certain; this will still be the best place in Oxford for networking, and making the right sort of contacts…

Pulse club nights

OUSU’s new project, but don’t let that put you off. They aim to “revolutionise” student clubbing in Oxford by making it more affordable, and more exciting, so nothing that new or exciting. But, with the amount of publicity it’s being given, a large turn out is almost guaranteed, and drinks are promised to be cheap. With 18 events organised during freshers week, it’s worth getting to at least one of them.


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