Blues Article Corrections


Cherwell would like to apologise for printing a number of inaccuracies in last week’s article by Matthew Evans-Young in our feature entitled ‘True Blues or Mercenaries’. We would like to clarify that:

1. Joe Roff applied to read PPE at Harris Manchester College. His application resulted in him being interviewed at the college and he was subsequently offered a place.

2. Anton Oliver applied to do an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management, and was subsequently interviewed at the Oxford University Department for the Environment. He was then offered a place on the course. We have been informed that has been asked to consider converting to an MPhil before the end of this academic year.

3. In the article we did not intend to suggest that non-matriculated people can play for OURFC. To play for Oxford in the Varsity rugby match you have to be a matriculated student studying at Oxford University. All graduate students who play for Oxford University RFC have applied, been interviewed and then been offered a place to read a degree at Oxford University.

4. We also have been advised that Sean Fitzpatrick, and not Anton Oliver, is the most capped All Black hooker ever.


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