Roberts resigns again


Nathan Roberts has resigned again as JCR President of Queen’s College.

He announced his decision in a letter to the JCR which was sent on Monday night.
In the letter he stated that he was leaving the role because, “I don’t want to be JCR President in the current circumstances. ” Roberts’ decision was influenced by an email sent by the Dean to Queen’s undergraduate body last week, which adocated Roberts’ resignation.

In a statement to Cherwell, Roberts said, “I will definitely be challenging both the decisions made and the way they’ve been made. I’m currently in discussions with OUSU about the best way forward, but any challenges I make will not be in my role as JCR President.”

There has been a lot of support in Queen’s for Roberts, who has now effectively been elected three times.

However, a petition was brought to the JCR meeting on Sunday night calling for Roberts to resign. The student who started the petition claimed that it had sixty signatures, including some from people on the JCR Committee.

One student from Queen’s said that there were vocal supporters on both sides.

They commented, “There was a heated discussion. Some people just want a JCR President who can function and to sort out the issues that surround Nathan separately. There are those who feel that his resignation means the fight is lost, and that the real issue is JCR independence.”


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