Cashmore to retire early

The Principal of Brasenose College, Professor Roger Cashmore, whose use of expenses was recently questioned, is to retire at the end of this academic year.

Cashmore was the subject of national media attention when, in May this year, a report leaked to Cherwell suggested he and his wife had misused college travel expenses.

The report raised “serious doubts” as to whether a trip to Pakistan in November 2005 was made on College business, even though it was “funded mainly by the college”.

The report also noted “the high cost of the ticket” for the Principal’s journey to the North American Reunion in April 2004.

It stated that despite the fact that “no authorisation seems to have been given” for a trip to North America in 2007 and a “Visit to Greece” in 2008, the Principal flew business class and costs were met by the college in both cases.

Following this, a source claimed in October, that the Governing Body of Brasenose had passed a motion of no confidence against him.

The 66-year-old has been on research leave since October, with Professor Alan Bowman acting as Principal.

According to a statement issued by the college, the experimental physicist plans to concentrate on his research projects which include work on the Large Hadron Collider and a recent appointment as Chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

Cashmore, a Cambridge and Balliol alumnus, has been Principal of Brasenose since 2002 and oversaw celebrations to mark the College’s quincentenary last year, including a visit by the Queen.