Fashion Team Profile: Sarah


Name: Sarah Hourahane 

Role: Fashion Editor

Who’s your fashion icon?

Chloë Sevigny is original not just with her clothes, but her make up, hair and accessories. She stands out with a pop of orange lippie or a straw boater on the red carpet and I love her new wavy blonde bob.

Who’s your favourite designer?

Vivienne Westwood because she creates amazing structures that have punch – her designs are like fancy dress for grown ups. And she has orange hair.

Which shops would be on your fantasy High Street?

A huge TK Maxx full of ridiculously cheap Marc Jacobs and Louboutins. Or I’d settle for Oxford getting its very own H&M.

What’s your favourite magazine?

NYLON has lots of quirky illustrations and they create looks that aren’t bound to trends by turning to films, TV shows and books for inspiration.

Who’s your favourite blogger?

Fifi Lapin at That little rabbit is just so cute and has made it onto bags, t-shirts and a book. Inspired by high fashion but doesn’t take it too seriously.

Favourite current trend?

The crazy nautical look. I love stripes. They are fun and bold – take Prada’s giant bumblebee-stripe hat. I also like the silhouettes of this trend – from Jil Sander’s column skirts to Marc Jacobs’ billowing trapeze dresses.

Biggest fashion disaster?

Manically cycling from Cowley into formal hall in a very tight and short All Saints dress and some stupidly high heels. Not easy or classy.

In your opinion, where’s the most stylish place in Oxford?

An English exam; artistic white shirts and a surprising number of high heels – sub fusc at its most chic.

Top Tip:

Take a lead from Vivienne Westwood and her D.I.Y. jewellery – to the ELLE Style Awards she wore earrings she’d made from a photocopy and papier-mâché.


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