You WILL go to the ball


This week, I was given the challenge of finding outfits enchanting enough to wear to a ball but cheap enough to offset the price of the ticket. My friend Ellie and I are off to New College’s Boat Ball later in May so I found four possible outfits in Primark, each for under £20.



Timeless statement pieces will add a dramatic edge to any Trinity ball outfit. With a simple dress you can afford to be adventurous with jewellery so start off by adding dangly earrings or an intricate necklace to give it a glamorous brilliance that will separate it from usual formal hall attire. 


Roxie wears: A white Grecian-style dress (£15) dressed up with gold chain earrings (£3) = £18.



Ellie wears: A black mini dress with a floor length overlay (£15), necklace and bracelet (models own) = £15.



Prints make you feel like summer is truly here! If you’re feeling daring, mix and match vivid palettes or wear a full-length dress. But to avoid looking too busy, wear simple makeup and carefully chosen jewellery.


Roxie wears: A full-length dress tied at the front (£17)



Ellie wears: A flirty floral skirt (£8) with contrasting frilly top (£6), bangles (model’s own) and is a great combo for an outdoor quad ball = £14



In all photos Ellie and I wear heels, £15 and £12, from Primark.

Photography: Ruth Amey

Photography assistant: Richard Smith


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