Union election results announced


Izzy Ernst was elected unopposed as President-Elect of the Oxford Union in last Friday’s election. Ernst, who boasted “proven (German!) efficiency” on her manifesto, served as Union Librarian this term, and will take up the presidency in Trinity 2012.

Also elected unopposed was Maria Rioumine, who will be Treasurer in Trinity.

In the contest for Librarian-Elect, Dean Palmer beat Sebastian Leape by a mere 19 votes, gaining 543 votes compared to Leape’s 524. Meanwhile Rajiv Dattani beat James Price in the race for Secretary, with 542 votes compared to Price’s 484.

Elected to Standing Committee for next term were, in this order, Joseph D’Urso, Jocelyn Poon, Kevin Tan, Maddie Grant, and Rebecca Scott.

Overall turnout in the election was 1248 voters


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