A Bluffers’ Guide To: Surf Pop


Era? Well, it all began in the 60s with the Beach Boys. And then it just… never stopped.

So my parents might like it, then. It’s pretty hard not to like. Sunny, strumming sounds with lots of references to girls, surfing and the many delights of the O.C.

The TV show? Er, not really. California. Actually, even though everyone talks about the West Coast lots, it’s being made virtually everywhere, with Y Niwl being probably the only Welsh-speaking beachy supergroup in the whole world. 

Who listens to it? People who like that Little Mermaid meme, the Missing Bean and Hipster RunOff. But that shouldn’t put you off, even if it is so #totesindie. Increasingly, it’s got all the sunshine of the Beach Boys with a hefty dose of whimsy and a slight dash of wistfulness.

Hipster beard optional, then? Trust us. You’ll have to take off the thick-rimmed glasses to surf, anyway.

Check out our selection of five bona fide bangers:

‘California Girls’ – The Smiles

‘Misery’ – Veronica Falls

‘Undegpump’ – Y Niwl

‘Let’s Go Surfing’ – The Drums

‘Vacation’ – Beach Fossils

Hear all these tracks, and more, on the accompanying Spotify playlist.


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