A Bluffers’ Guide to Scandipop (Twee)


Twee? What? Think an active interest in chunky knitwear and Facebook albums of lots of cute blonde hipster girls entitled ‘We Are Having A Hootenanny!!’

Pardon? Sorry, this is very unhelpful. Right. Tweepop has its roots in Orange Juice, the Smiths and, more recently, Belle and Sebastian. In general: jangling guitars, whimsical lyrics and a heavy 60s influence.

So far, so standard. Why Scandinavian? Because, for whatever reason, those Nordics just do this style of singer-songwriter music so damn well.

What’s good about it? It’s absolutely adorable. And you can feel like a bit of a scenester by virtue of the fact that they’re, like, Norwegian.

Sounds pretty edgy. Indeed.

Check out our selection of five bona fide bangers:

‘I’d Rather Dance With You’ – Kings of Convenience

‘He Knows the Sun’ – The Legends

‘Big in Japan’ – Britta Persson

‘Heaven’s on Fire’ – Radio Dept.

‘This Heart is a Stone’ – Acid House Kings

Take a listen to the rest of the playlist here: A Bluffers’ Guide to: Scandipop (Twee)


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