Sports Short: Best and Worst of Varsity Trip Stash


Practical, yet ridiculous; flamboyant, yet functional: these were the criteria top Varsity stash had to meet. It was all well and good wearing a jovial Christmas jumper knitted by your nan, but the thermal qualities of said item were not going to withstand the -20 degree chill felt by the Varsity Trip this December.

Top Stash

The more it looks like you have been rummaging through your parents’ wardrobes, the better. Take this jacket for instance. Seemingly emblazoned with graphics created by some of the earliest computers, and coloured by a palette straight from the 80s, it is a great example of how retro you should go.

This all-in-one is rewarded for similar reasons. Garish yet warm, as the criteria implies, it was one of the finest items spotted all week. Looking like the perfect outfit for a Freshers’ UV party, this bold number was right at home on the pistes.


Worst Stash

Special mention has to go to this Aztec print dressing gown. Seen in motion, it is true that there was a certain degree of elegance to it billowing out behind its owner. Yet when the snow fell (and fall it did) one can only dread to imagine how wet and useless this garment became. Having an uncomfortable sodden rag tied around your waist could only have been a detriment to the skiing experience.


The Varsity Trip’s official ‘stash’ was increasingly getting out of hand as the week went on. With t-shirts, sunglasses and, most annoyingly, cowbells, being handed out left right and centre, the novelty of the ‘Varsity Trip’ brand quickly wore off. Thus to go all out and drop €45 on a canary yellow Varsity onesie was a tragic decision. To wear it on the slopes was a suicidal one. Not only did its wearers stand out as beacons of keenness, this choice of skiwear was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.



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