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Much as we all love Park End unconditionally, and would prioritise a night there over our finals exams, nan’s funeral, or indeed the coming of the apocalypse, at some point in every Oxford student’s life comes the realisation that the Cheese Floor really isn’t the be-all-and-end-all and that Gangnam Style is actually a really bloody annoying song. For that time (which we all hope comes to you as soon as possible), there is Burning Down The House.

Burning Down The House, the brainchild of a few students from Somerville College, is the triumphant revival in Oxford of an 80s club night, and promises to offer something not to be found in any of Oxford’s more familiar night clubs. This is no Bridge Thursday. As if the Talking Heads-inspired name wasn’t reason enough to be excited, BDTH’s Facebook page promises classics from The Smiths, The Cure and Madness among many other welcome names. Add to that free 80s’ sweets, and a requests-open DJ, and it seems to us that Wednesday of 1st Week can’t come soon enough. Co-organizer Olivia Arigho Stiles spoke about the night, saying “Everyone should be hugely excited about the return of an 80s night to the Oxford clubbing scene. Expect classic 80s with a few obscure gems thrown in as well. Mullet optional”.

The organizers have also come up with the excellent idea of a Spotify playlist the morning after of everything that was played on the night, so that even for those who love the sudden moment of clarity two days later as they turn to a friend and exclaim “They played ‘Don’t You Want Me’!”, the days of trying to figure out what that song that you inexplicably have in your head are over – at least as far as Burning Down The House is concerned.

Maybe this night won’t lure everyone away from Park End, and maybe (shock horror) there are those who don’t look on the 80s with fondness, but in my opinion, you should get working on that mullet.


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