BEAUTY CORNER – Ball make-up at Chanel


As someone who is by no means skillful with a make-up brush, the first thing I did in preparation for the annual Exeter College ball was book a makeover at the Chanel counter in Boots on Cornmarket Street. The policy for most of the make-up counters is that if you buy two of their products you get a free makeover.  

The consultant started with the LOTION CONFORT toner for dry or sensitive skin, followed by the HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE NUTRITION moisturiser for dry skin. My usual foundation is the long-wear matte Perfection Lumière, but the consultant recommended VITALUMIÈRE AQUA in beige for my dry skin, with LE BLANC base underneath for a longer-lasting effect. 

The dark circles under my eyes were well concealed with the PERFECTION CORRECTION in beige and my perfectly made-up skin was set with UNIVERSELLE LIBRE loose powder. A SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL bronzer highlighted my cheekbones and gave them a little extra colour.

I wanted my look to be subtle and understated so just a smidge of brown eyeliner was drawn around my lower lids. The emphasis was on the eyelashes with the help of INIMITABLE INTENSE in black, which gave me just the right amount of definition. I opted for my favourite eyeshadow, the ILLUSION D’OMBRE in VISION, a beautiful, sparkly, gold dust colour. The gel texture is a great innovation for long-wear eyeshadow. We finished with eyebrow pencil and the ROUGE ALLURE VELVET matte lipstick.

Although not cheap by any means – Chanel products cost upwards of £20 each and I had to buy two of them – the make-up session was well worth it and I left with moisturiser and foundation for my dry skin. The consultants are willing to put in time and effort to ensure that you’re completely happy with your look and they don’t let you leave until it’s perfect. Most people don’t mind doing their own make-up but if you want something special it’s an easy way to have it professionally done to your exact requirements. And Chanel products are lovely: classy and fabulous, just as Coco would have wanted. 



1. LOTION CONFORT toner, £29

2. HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE NUTRITION moisturiser, £46

3. VITALUMIÈRE AQUA in beige, £32

4. LE BLANC base, £31


6. UNIVERSELLE LIBRE loose powder, £36

7. A SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL bronzer, £31



10. ROUGE ALLURE VELVET matte lipstick, £25


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