Complaints at New College boat party

Guests at the New College boat party last Friday were underwhelmed by the quality of the sound systems, complaining it was difficult to hear the acts. They were also surprised to find vomit under the seats on the way back to Oxford.
The music included Out of the Blue and the Oxford Belles. Tickets for the event cost £43.
Will Arter, from St Hugh’s said, “In my opinion the provision for the musical acts was badly organised, and added to which the DJ for the night was a bit crap.”
He also said, “When I got on board the coach I took my seat, however after a while I noticed that there was a patch of vomit left underneath my seat.” 
However he commented, “In spite of these problems the night was still worth it, and as for the vomit that was under my seat, it’s probably to be expected with this kind of event.”
Charlotte Nixon, New College boat party president responded, “A crowd by the stage were able to hear both the Oxford Belles and Out of the Blue and were having a great time as far as I could tell. The problem was that the room was just too large for that type of music. 
“I would apologise to those individuals who had to sit down where there was vomit on the seats, but also say that they could have got off that coach and got on the next one. They would not have been restricted by a lack of space; we had plenty of spare seats in both directions.
“The event itself had a great vibe and as a committee we are very pleased that so many people have taken the time to tell us how much they enjoyed it. Everything went smoothly, especially for an event that is so logistically complex.”


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