Live Blog: Tommy Wiseau visits the Oxford Union


14.01 Greg and Tommy sign books and DVDs while posing for photographs. That’s all from me, back to Cherwell HQ

13.56 Wiseau is asked to do a live rendition of “You’re Tearing Me Apart”:


13.49 Wiseau offers his view on Hollywood. “Old Hollywood, New Hollywood, Internet Hollywood”. He associates himself with Old Hollywood. 

13.47 It’s revealed! He didn’t import Korean leather jackets, he designed them. That’s how he made the $6 million dollars for the movie. 

13.47 “Don’t believe what you read”

13.42 Apparently one of the characters “ended up retarded a little bit” at the end of the film. Okay. 

13.41 James Franco has just bought the rights to Greg’s book. Tommy thinks Johnny Depp should play his character in the movie. 

13.41 Regarding the flowers: “Red is symbol, of life”

13.39 How to live to 200? “Execise everyday, stretching… I believe in balance, don’t go overboard… sometimes you have to maybe compense a little bit, but it’s up to you”

13.38 What are his thoughts on religion? He has a new thing of blessing people on stage, but not religious. He has his “own religion”, which he whispers into an audience member’s ear. Sounds like Scientology. Tommy lectures on respecting different faiths. 

“I heard that you guys have the biggest library”

13.37 Tommy is “filling in” a Medicine student on cancer. Apparently we can “live two hundred years” thanks to the internet. Makes sense if you think about it. Better not to think about it too much. 

13.36 Why have you decided to be elusive? “Who, me?… I am who I am” – Tommy refuses to expand on his past.

13.35 There’s lots of Lisas and Marks and Johnnys in Oxford according to Tommy. Brace yourselves. 

13.34 “I’ll be honest with you because I know you” Tommy already knows one of the audience members. Lots of nervous answers. 

13.31 He’s cutting a lot of long stories short and I don’t get any of them. 

13.28 What movie would he have wanted to produce? He’s working on a sitcom called “The Neighbours” and a film called “Foreclosure”. He’s also working on a Vampire movie. I don’t think he understood the question.

“The fact is that, you know, I grew up on a stage, I know the stage, it’s my house.”

“Two is better than three, three is crowd”

“See the football? That’s our football”

13.27 Orson Welles and Hitchock are is main inspirations. “I consider myself of the same level”

13.25 Any advice for budding cinematographers: “Think about 20% before hundred.” It’s all about building a pyramid, apparently. 

13.24 Question about the scene where they both shave and the camera zooms in as they wear Tuxedos. There’s two messages to this apparently: “When you shave, wherever you shave, you get younger.” Regarding the Tuxedo: “I’m old school, new school”. “Why not play football in Tuxedos?”

12.23 “I’m very keen to understand people”

13.22 “Do you know the expression ‘Oranges… Lemon’?” No Tommy, no we don’t

13.21 “Let me stop you there” … “It’s not really about the cult, it’s a story of friendship and a surreal story of the American dream” they both answer to the accusation of The Best Worst Movie Ever

13.19 “Tommy’s like ‘no, you do it my way’… taking chaos and making it exciting and entertaining”

13.17 “Education is a key to succaaas”

13.05 HE’S HERE. Looks hungover. Dark glasses. Probably recently dyed his hair too. 

13.00 The Union President has “intercepted” Mr Wiseau on the Oxford High Street, according to inside sources. 

12.58 Excellent chat on modes of transport in the Gladstone room. 

12.57 A drinks truck has stopped outside the Union entrance. Is this a stunt???!!!

12.55 More great quotes from the film: “This is a great party, you invited all my friends, good thinking.” It has a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. ‘Nuff said. 

12.54 “You’re Tearing me Apart Lisa”

12.53 “Oh hi Tommy” – he’s on his way!

12.52 One of my favourite quotes from the film: “They betrayed me, they tricked me, and I don’t care anymore.” 

12.50 The University of New Brunswick (I know) have a “Tommy Wiseau Appreciation Society”

12.49 We’ve been moved to the more comfy Gladstone room now. Hopes for an interview with the man himself are beginning to wane as kickoff time approaches. 

12.41 The budget for The Room is estimated to be around $6 million. No-one knows where Wiseau got the money. Something about leather jackets apparently. 

12.40 Rumour has it that he was always 3 hours late to shooting The Room. Hopefully he’s changed his habits. 


12.31 Joe Miles seems excited. Maybe he’ll be cast in The Room 2

12.20 Worst film ever made or comedy genius? Self-parody or epic failure?Or perhaps the object of a large-scale bullying project? With over 3 million views on his videos on Youtube, and an ever growing fan base, Tommy Wiseau visits the Oxford Union this afternoon to answer questions from his Oxford cult fans. 

Let’s remember some of his finest moments. 

“Oh Hi Mark” 


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