How We Style: Midi Skirts


Trend: Midi Skirts

Model: Rosalind Peters

Stylist: Eillie Anzilotti

Photographer: Leah Hendre



Our first look keeps Rosalind’s outfit looking classic and elegant. The white pleated skirt (vintage) gives it a sporty look, while the texture of the pale pink tank top (also vintage) works as a great day-time look. Her off-white brogues tie everything together and make a casual outfit look polished. What’s great about this outfit is that it’s as appropriate in a tute as it is lounging in Uni Parks.



For another day-wear look, we love the contrast of all the different colour greens in this midi skirt (vintage) with the bright orange of Rosalind’s sandals (Jones the Bootmaker). Pretty much any top would work with this skirt, but we’ve chosen a sleeveless tie-up shirt (Bershka) to pick up on the white stripes in the skirt.



Now things are starting to get a bit more exciting! This is a great day-to-night look. While the pale blue cami (vintage) might be a little risqué for a tutorial, throw a  mac (J. Crew) over your shoulders – or belt it up to create a gorgeous silhouette and you’re away! The print on this patterned pencil-shaped midi skirt (vintage) is a real show-stopper and we love it. A nude heel (Primark) keeps things looking grown up.



Evening wear is where the midi skirt really comes into its own. This stunning green patterned piece (Topshop) might seem difficult to dress at first, but we played with the black accents in the skirt and so added a detailed black cami (vintage), a chunky leather tie-up belt (vintage) and a pair of black peep-toes (Dune). For a bit of extra oomph, we added a metallic, textured necklace which toughens up the whole look (Topshop).


Look out for next week’s How We Style.. when we’ll be looking at lace!


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