Croquet Cuppers-watch Trinity 2014


As croquet cuppers marches relentlessly on, Cherwell Sport is taking a look over some of the most bizarre moments of this year’s competition – all sent in by you, our readers.

It’s just a game – One particularly dedicated cuppers participant was reportedly spotted with tears in his eyes after missing an all-important shot, drawing instant comparisons with fellow elite sportsman John Terry circa May 2008.

Slipping standards – One side refused to play their away match because the hoops at the opposition college weren’t regulation size and the lawn was bumpy. Can’t get a decent game of croquet anywhere these days.

Pitch invasion – One cuppers match was disrupted when a duo of young local girls attacked both teams with NERF guns, before demanding a series of cartwheels and flips from each side, then proceeding to bring out a selection of fresh fruit for the teams to enjoy. Reports that the teams involved were simply high are unconfirmed.

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