Trashing supplies website trashes its criticism


The website, established this term to provide trashing supplies for Oxford students, has responded to criticism from the University and colleges.

The University discourages the practice of trashing and many colleges have threatened fines and other sanctions for students caught engaged in the activity.

A spokesperson for the University told Cherwell, “We urge students to celebrate responsibly and to show consideration for local residents and other students still taking exams. In addition, this year, for the first time, we are working with the Oxford Food Bank to collect any foodstuffs brought to the examinations for misuse, for distribution to people in need in the local area.”

A member of the team said, “Friends come together to see each other when they have finished exams, and this is a unique thing about Oxford which makes it particularly special: I do not know of any other universities where people come to see their friends when they finish their exams and help them relax and forget about anything that might have happened in the exam hall.

“Trashing marks the end of your degree, and the beginning of summer and real life – and as such, is a symbolic and integral part of Oxford life. I understand that throwing food is a common complaint that is made about trashing but would point towards other festivals and events such as Tomatina where the tomatoes paint the street.

“Nevertheless, we have deliberately not provided
any foodstuffs but only party items.”


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