6th Week in Fashion


‘Coming Soon To a Woman Near You’

The Most Newsworthy in Fashion and Trends

Rihanna – Some might say that this begs a greater paragraph description, or a more detailed dissection of the Adam Selman dress. I think all that’s needed is the picture below:

Bailey Awarded – David Bailey, one of the most iconic photographers in fashionhistory, was presented with an honorary degree from the University of East London for his “outstanding contribution to the arts” at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Blunt Style – fashion has long graduated from the catwalks of London, Milan and Paris. Fashionistas everywhere have eagerly followed style stars such as Blake Lively around the world on their red carpet appearances. This week is the week of Emily Blunt, who has been jetsetting around the world for her new film Edge of Tomorrow. See a preview below:


Always No. 5 – the days where commercials were just a by-product of a company have changed: the illustrious perfume that is Chanel No. 5 is being transformed into a motion picture, directed by Baz Luhrmann and featuring Gisele Bundchen. This follows hot on the heels of that famous Marilyn Monroe Chanel No. 5 advert that managed to spike sales of the perfume around this time last year.

World Cup Style – Beyond designing for tours and celebrities, Giorgio Armani has revealed sketches he’s done for the German football club, Bayern Munich. This is part of a three year made-to-measure and designing contract with the team. 



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