Tignes announced as destination for Varsity Ski Trip 2014


In an excellent geese-ridden launch video, the Varsity Ski Trip committee has announced that the 2014 trip will be hosted by Tignes ski resort for the second year in a row.

Sam Burnell, president of the committee, comments: “Although lots of people (myself included) like to mix it up resort-wise from year to year, we felt that Tignes still had a hell of a lot to offer. It was so successful despite having been relatively uncharted territory in 2013.”

Part of this year’s decision is owed to this resort’s high ‘snow reliability’, which the Telegraph Ski Resort Guide describes as ‘difficult to beat… the resort height of 2100m generally means good snow-cover right back to base for most of the long winter season.’ Anywhere else, points out Burnell, the snow-cover may have been too much of a “gamble”.

Previous experience in Tignes has also allowed the committee to identify areas for improvement, suggesting a slicker trip this year. Accommodation in Tignes Le Lac will be used alongside that in last year’s Tignes Val Claret, providing ample opportunity for highly-sought after accommodation upgrades. The addition of Le Lac, promises the committee, will also serve to lift the quality of all rooms as they are chosen from a wider selection of accommodation options.

“Rest assured that the change will not restrict anyone’s involvement in events and activities,” says Burnell. There will be plenty of easily accessible shuttles between the two areas for the duration of the trip. Having people already based in Le Lac will significantly improve the logistics of getting people to and from the Opening and Final night parties.

Other eagerly-awaited entertainment highlights include a fresh take on the long-standing comedy night. The hugely successful funiculaire and pool parties will also be enjoying a celebrated return, but with a sizeable increase in ticket availability in anticipation of last year’s immediate sell-out. The committee is currently grappling with the idea of hosting pool parties on two separate nights in order to accommodate as many guests as possible.

The base price for the 2014 trip is £333, including only a £4 increase on last year’s price. Burnell explains that this comparatively small rise represents a significant and very useful increase in the trip’s overall budget. Should the trip’s proposed improvements prove forthcoming, this may seem well worth it. 


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