Suit and Tie: Summer Trends


Summer Trends

Floral, monochrome and camouflage will remain in vogue over the coming months and they ought to form your statement looks.

No-one can mess up black and white, but it does look plain. The best way to get that much-needed flair is through some form of pattern – an unbuttoned checked shirt under a black blazer; a monochrome floral works well too, as would a striped jumper. This colour block jumper (Topman, £26) would be a brilliant buy. Monochrome works as well as a base, so don’t fear a bold pop of colour – a light cotton scarf could easily spruce up a simple outfit in the evenings, with minimal effort.

Topman, £26

On trend all year, but with a much darker, edgier tone than we would expect from traditional floral prints. You can go loud and colourful or settle for a subdued approach, but focus on the boldness of a dense floral pattern. This floral print shirt (Zara, £29.99) would look great paired with some stone chinos or shorts.

Zara, £29.99

Camouflage is difficult to wear well as it can come over very easily as too brash. The best camo item you can go for is either an accessory or something above the waist – no camo trousers! This Villain tee (Topman, £36) works well on both fronts offering cooler greys and greens, without being offensive on the eye. Pair with grey or blue shorts, or black skinny jeans, and you’re ready to go.

Topman, £30


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