Where Are They Now: Vengaboys


The line between porn and musical artistry has always been a fine one for Vengaboys, but now it’s very fucking clear. Boobs. All the boobs. All the nipple tassels. I am referring of course to the Vengaboys’ latest single, released just this month, entitled ‘2Brazil!’ in honour of the upcoming polo tournament or something. Some ready meal pap music plays in the background, whilst a hypnotising video shows different clips of breasts swirling in circles with a vibrant array of nipple tassels adding some colour.

After releasing debut The Party Album! (twice) and then The Platinum Album, Holland’s greatest Eurodance group, who brought us great tracks such as ‘We’re Going to Ibiza’ and ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom!’ decided to change line-up and shortly disband in 2002. But unfortunately for us, they were “missing the stage and the applause” in 2007, and decided to reform. Since then, they’ve gone on to release  ‘Hot Hot Hot’, “one of their favourite summer jams” according to the website, in 2013, and now, the nipple jiggling of ‘2Brazil!’. Holland, stick to the tulips. 


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