Where are they now: O-Zone


Rewind to 2004. Whilst climate change is taking hold of the globe, Moldovian-Romanian band O-Zone was stronger than ever. Everyone remembers their international banger ‘Dragosteia Din Tei’, or, to give its English title, ‘Love From the Linden Trees’. Ring any bells? Maybe the less poetic, viral craze Numa Numa man fist pumping and miming along to the hit is more memorable. The song topped the charts across the globe, and even had the great accolade of being sampled by Rihanna.

However, the band tragically disbanded at the height of their career in 2005. But there was hope! Each member has continued to spout more hits for potentially younger and sassier Numa Numa men to dance along to. Band member Dan became alter ego Crazy Loop, his hit staying at Number One for an entire month in Romania. As well as his solo career, Arsenie came second place in the Romanian version of Dancing With The Stars. At home, O-Zone’s members continue to reach the heights of the trio’s namesake as soloists.


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