Where are they now: Mutya Buena

A founding member of the Sugababes in 1998, the girl group with an ever-changing composition, Mutya Buena was the bastion amidst the shifting sands of Siobhans. But after leaving the group in 2005, Buena embarked on a short-lived solo career, releasing two albums before being dropped by her record label in 2008.

Things turned sour a year later, after Buena filed a claim for ownership of the Sugababes name with original bandmates Siobhan Donaghy and Keisha Buchanan. Unable to use the original name, however, the trio imaginatively combined their initials to form MKS, doing away with any ideas of more band member exchanges. Unfortunately, the band fell flat on their faces with single ‘Flatline’, which peaked at Number 50 in the UK charts. And what is Buena up to now? Well, having been declared bankrupt last year, perhaps she is taking a break from the limelight and from the buttock implants, for which she paid £5,000, only to have them removed later.