Madrid Streetstyle – Buen Retiro Park


One of the many perks of spending a year abroad is the fabulous weather that happens to come your way just when everyone in Oxford is shivering and trying to hide from the rain on their way to Sainsbury’s. The springtime weather in Madrid has already surpassed what we in Britain tend to hope for in summer, with highs of 29° and cloudless blue skies. In central Madrid, there’s only one place to be when it’s this gorgeous, and that’s the Buen Retiro Park, possibly the city’s most famous green space.

With such a diverse and vibrant mix of people, the fashion on display is a truly fascinating sight. I decided to photograph a few of the outfits that caught my eye.


I’m not sure whether the co-ordination was intentional or simply the coincidental result of BFF bonding, but this duo stood out from the crowd for me. It was not just due to the stylistic simplicity of their clothes but also the effortless confidence with which they wore them. Both girls favoured a retro silhouette, with button-up blouses tucked neatly into high-waisted jeans. Minimalism was the key as white plimsolls complemented the white elements in the main outfit, and the girls’ nails were subtly painted so as not to distract from the overall look. The finishing touch is a pop of pink lip-gloss adds a summery touch!


On my way towards the beautiful Cibeles Palace, I spotted this incredibly cute pair, who also graciously agreed to have their photo taken. Again, I love how their warm-toned outfits totally complement each other!

Marcos is definitely sending out a preppy vibe here, but his cuffed skinny jeans stop the outfit from being too Ivy League and give it a fun, fashionable feel instead. I absolutely love the yellow polo shirt in this glorious weather, and the light grey sets it off perfectly. The simple white Converse add a retro touch and also keeps it casual.



Marta looks just as put-together, albeit with a darker colour palette. I love the way her shoes work with her bag without being too matchy-matchy, and her gold jewellery pulls the whole outfit together by working with the buckles on her bag and the zip on her jacket. I saw this type of big link necklace on several different women in Madrid, but I particularly like the way Marta’s sunglasses and her personalised name chain complement her statement piece.


The last pair I spotted seemed to be pretty big denim fans, as well as experts at choosing pieces that made their whole looks effortless yet stylish. Arturo is the epitome of cool in these pictures, with an entirely blue-toned outfit perfected by the cardigan thrown nonchalantly over his shoulder. I love the rose print on the slim-fit shirt, and the form-fitting jeans and grey Converse keep the casual-yet-collected air consistent all the way down.

Garbiñe looks super stylish too – and just look at that hair! I am loving the tucked-in denim shirt with the rolled up sleeves, and the print on the flowy skirt is adorable! It adds a pop of colour to the outfit, as does the pink watch, which lends a preppy edge to her overall look. The battered satchel is both quirky and practical, an interesting change from the other handbags I’d seen carried around.

Of course, every district within the city is different, and in future I’m looking forward to checking out trendy Malasaña, hipster Chueca and refined Salamanca, but for now it was fun to walk around the beautiful Retiro and meet some great people in the process!


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