Ready, Steady, Cook! Fray Bentos Steak Pie


This week’s ready meal answers the age old question: are there things that cannot be microwaved? As a student, the first thing that came to my mind was, “How long should I nuke this for?” In this case I think that my microwave would not be happy if I tried. Joking aside, I found this steak and ale pie in the tinned food aisle at my local supermarket. There are no easy ways to open the tin and it will not win prizes in a beauty parade, particularly if you want to impress and take it out of the tin.

The pastry is certainly crunchy, but does not flake as pastry sometimes can. The steak is very tender. The gravy did not live up to my expectation, as it was bland and did not bring flavour to the meat, but the texture and taste of the pie made up for this though it started to lose its magic towards the end.

All in all though, I happily recommend this meal to those of you who like steak and ale pie, and not a “healthy” meal…


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