Ready, Steady, Cook! Beef and tomato Pot Noodle


Pot noodles… Even the name makes people think of students who can’t be bothered to cook anything. Whilst this brand is a British thing, even in America you hear jokes about students living off ramen, which is very similar. But what are they actually like to eat?

My method of preparation is basic: pour water in and wait till it softens. This is part of the appeal of the Pot Noodle, as even those with no experience of cooking can hopefully make tea. The flavour was Beef and Tomato, and I have to say, I was very impressed by the flavour of this simple meal. There are very few textures in the pot. The powder that they use to flavour the sauce and the small sachet of ketchup were more than enough to keep the flavour from getting old. However it definitely has a salty taste to it; I discovered a worrying amount of salt in the ingredients. My view is that Pot Noodles are good enough to eat regularly, but I would not recommend living off them.