Confessions of a student chef: Charlie La Fosse


Homemade ice cream… in a bag!

“The perfect summer treat… and you don’t even need an ice cream freezer! Fun for kids – they can all make their own, anytime!”

No adults, let alone kids, should ever attempt this recipe. Ever. The instructions seemed simple enough – fill a small Ziploc bag with cream, milk, sugar and vanilla extract, and put ice and rock salt within a larger Ziploc. Then, place the smaller bag within the larger, and “squeeze bag” for ten minutes. After only being able to source small Ziploc bags for the mixture, I decided that the overall process was going to have to be carried out in a bin bag. This was the beginning of a variety of ruinous substitutions – table salt instead of rock salt, and measurements by handfuls rather than milligrams, for instance.

A friend suggested that strawberries might be a classy touch, but Haribo strawbs presented themselves as a cheaper option. What followed was a messy, hour-long session of awkwardly squeezing a milky bin bag, coaxing the pale solution towards solidity. This was never achieved. This process is alarming to the innocent bystander, and I would advise all budding ice cream makers to attempt this recipe in private.


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