The Champagne Social: The Guild Goes Grand


Wednesday of 3rd week saw the quasi-opulent Champagne Social, hosted by the Oxford Guild: described by one student as an evening of champagne, chocolate, [and] careers.

 Although off to a slow start, Atik formally -colloquially known as “Park End” by the majority of Oxford students – eventually saw a deluge of students, keen to grab a glass of the ostensibly abundant champagne, or sample the four types of G&D’s ice cream. G&D’s is a pretty big deal in Oxford.

The social and its concomitant treats would in theory make for an evening of great enjoyment, and although true to an extent – one mustn’t downplay the barrage of freebie-desiring Oxonians, beelining for the bar or ice cream stand. The champagne was sorely placed at one solitary bar – albeit neatly – in what was conceivably the main gallery.  This subsequently resulted in a student diaspora, vacillating between the rooms in which champagne was being poured, and where ice cream was being scooped. 


The queues were lamentable. But not lamentable enough for people to become demoralised or downtrodden. Rather, this tacitly instigated what one could consider networking, and intercollegiate mingling – insomuch that I was able to interview people on their thoughts and opinions of the evening as well as what inspired their looks.


Yoav – Economics & Management (Left), Aum – PPE (Right) : Both St. Peters College.

Do tell me, why are you here?I asked, hoping my question didn’t come across as even slightly bellicose. To which, Yoav replied:

At the Guild or at Oxford? – deep.


“‘Im at Oxford because I love an adventure; this is an adventure for an American. Im at The Guild because it seemed to be an interesting event

This quote is quite true, for Oxford is an adventure and The Guild did seem to be an interesting event: irrespective of the dividends one would obtain from their £8 ticket.

I asked the same to Aum.
Im here for the lols.

Okay Aum, okay.




Natalie (Left) – Classics, Somerville, Emmanuelle (Right) – History of Art, St. Catz

On the Guild Committee, both Natalie and Emmanuelle contribute to the many minutia that helps for a structured and smooth evening – including scanning tickets and helping promote the events.

“[Any] thoughts on the evening?

Unanimously, it was agreeably both sociable and the dividends proved more than adequate.

“Do tell me Emmanuelle, what inspired your look this evening?

“I was going for the chic, formal black tie sentiment but didn’t want to go all out (because it’s still a club) so opted for a velvet Abercrombie and Fitch dress which is formal but so very short that it isn’t wearable to formal-hall or something along those lines. So like, a bad-girl formal.

Nailed it.




Imogen: English, St. Peter’s College

“I was going for equally sexy yet classy, and thus went for unimposing black: turned out pretty good I’d say.

“[…] And would you come again?

“Yes, the conversation is great

The conversations were pretty great. 




Gbenga – St. Hugh’s College

“I’m all about the vertical integration

I’m intrigued – “Do explain further

“On and ever upwards”.




Bou – French, Exeter

“I find this social to be a great and relaxed way to meet people to be honest

Bou and I conversed about the French dialects, segueing into what inspired her look, which was in fact Parisian.

“Although the champagne distribution wasn’t very Parisian, the look I was going for was.”


The evening was one of generally pleasant thoughts and opinions, although the distribution of the champagne was at time less than urbane, I imagine this is indicative of the events popularity if anything.



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