The Cherwell Encyclical: HT16 0th Week


It’s been another great week in politics. Junior Doctors have brought to attention that Mr Hunt is no good with facts, constructive debate or healthcare in general. Did someone also mention that maintenance grants have been axed? There are unlikely to be any awards given out for worlds best health secretary, but thankfully there are some other things going on to talk about.


I was particularly moved by the sad story of the late Chicken of Paradise. The Indonesian officials unveiled the mascot (to a captivated crowd, I imagine) for the 2018 Asian Games in late December but have had to withdraw it following heavy criticism. The critics claimed that the mascot, intended to be a Bird of Paradise, more closely resembled a domestic chicken than an exotic jungle bird. They also said that the chicken was not an iconic bird of Indonesia, which I can understand.

As we all know, any serious campaign needs a mascot, and whole chicken palaver made me curious as to who would represent the political parties in the coming EU referendum. ‘David the Doormouse’ and ‘Jeremy the Jellyfish’ initially sprung to mind. UKIP don’t have to worry though, they don’t need anything more comical than Farage.


There seemed to be a rather large focus on the Labour reshuffle in the media last week. Sorry I meant this week. Actually, apparently next week as well. Rumour has it that Jeremy Corbyn had run out of support in the party to such an extent that he offered a place in the cabinet to a wild boar in Hong Kong. The wild boar proceeded to run away, sparking a three hour police chase. Who can blame it.


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