Hundreds rally for post-election unity at Broad Street demonstration

Yesterday afternoon, students gathered outside the Clarendon Building for a 'Love Rally', in response to recent political events

On November 13, a ‘Love Rally’ was organised by Oxford students on Broad Street, Central Oxford. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Clarendon Building to express peaceful solidarity, following but not exclusively in response to the results of last week’s US election.

The organisers of the rally urged fellow students “Come stand in solidarity with the people who will be made most vulnerable by a Trump presidency. Come stand in solidarity with the people who fear being stripped of their rights.”

Following the U.S. election, those who were experiencing “fear, confusion, sadness, anger, despair, loneliness, disappointment” were encouraged to stand together, whether American or not, in peaceful unity.

Elizabeth Shaughnessy, one of the organisers of the rally, told Cherwell, “We organized the Love Rally as a way for students and the local community to stand in solidarity with anyone feeling marginalized and alone following the US election as well as Brexit and other nationalist and politically isolating events in Europe. Our goal was to create an inclusive, supportive environment for people here, in America, and abroad.”