Oxford man arrested after 164 stolen bikes found in back garden

Thames Valley police have arrested a man suspected of handling stolen goods


Thames Valley police have arrested a man suspected of handling stolen goods, after 164 bicycles were found in his garden.

The man, 48, was seen by police handling two bikes on Monday afternoon near his home in Littlemore, a suburban district of Oxford.

The police discovered that the two bikes he was carrying were stolen, and are currently in the process of checking the other 164 bikes found in his garden. The man has been placed on bail until 8 May while the police continue to investigate.

On Tuesday, Thames Valley Police tweeted: “160+ bikes seized as a re- sult of a house search following the arrest of a male in Oxford. If we nd yours, we will be in touch. #TVP”

Charlotte Molony, a third-year linguist from St. Catherine’s College, told Cherwell: “Bike theft is a serious problem in Oxford and most cyclists I know have had at least one bike stolen. It is a form of organised crime and it is positive to see the police taking measures against it.”

First year Chemist Eleanor Frew commented: “So many of us cyclists rely on our bikes to get around, and saving 20 minutes a day getting to and from lectures can help out more than we realise. Having this taken away is an added stress in the already hectic life on an Oxford student, so my heart goes out to all affected.”

Pembroke student Julia Cockcroft, who has been a victim of bike theft in the past, said: “my bike was stolen from outside Pembroke College entrance (I had left it there whilst I popped into college rather than taking it securely inside college) during my prelims in 2015 and I had been using it to get to all of my exams up in Summertown. I know recently we’ve had an incident of someone tailgating a student into college and stealing a bike too!”


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