A word from the stalls

Miriam Nemmaoui receives mixed feedback from an audience member after Suddenly Last Summer


What were you expecting from this production?

Well it’s by Experimental Theatre Club so I was expecting it to be pretty experimental. And it was in the Oxford Playhouse so I was expecting big things.

Has it delivered?

Hmm, yeah? I guess it has, but not in the way I was expecting

Describe the production in 3 words.

Uncomfortable, dark, nudity.

Highlight of the production?

When it ended! No, that’s a joke. I think the first half before the interval was good, it was so captivating. The music was sick. I loved the set too.

What would you change?

I would change some of the movement scenes. They were not as smooth as they should’ve been. Sorry, I’m being really shady, aren’t I?

Fittest cast member?

Aaron Skates. I want to adopt him!

Marks out of 10

8/10, I guess. Despite all my criticisms, it was impressive.


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