Single of the Week: Calvin Harris’ ‘Slide’

Natalia Bus basks in the DJ producer's sunny new collaboration

Source: Flickr

“All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel fucking incredible” the EDM giant, Calvin Harris, announced just before the release of ‘Slide’, his collaboration with the recently risen from the dead Frank Ocean, and trap super group Migos.

For a track projected to meet such high expectations, ‘Slide’ is three minutes and 50 seconds of pure feel-good fun. The funky vibes of the clap-beat intro immediately ground it a Calvin Harris production, but Ocean’s honey-sweet deadpan soon takes over and dominates.

Ocean’s lyricism adds subtlety and sleekness to the sunny surroundings and ensures a catchy, dance-inducing end product. He croons on the hook: “Do you slide on all your nights like this? / Do you try on all your nights like this?”—it’s a simple chorus on a record made for continuous radio-play (like all other Harris hits) and it is certain to stay in your head all day, trust me.

‘Slide’ is a welcome transportation to the sun-kissed tarmac and lush palm trees of California during an especially rainy British spring and is definitely up there as one of Harris’ better musical collaborations.


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