Zoom In: How to steal our jobs as Film and TV editors

Shivani Ananth and Katie Sayer tell you how to take over their legacy


After eight phenomenal weeks of movie trivia and pictures of Monet, the reign of Shivani and Katie has finally come to a close.

But, as our tragic break-up article should have informed you, all good things must come to an end, and this cloud has a definite silver lining for all you film fanatics out there, as it is officially time for two of you to step up to the challenge, and steal our jobs.

You heard correctly, Cherwell is recruiting, and we need two of you to take over our legacy. Applications must be in by Monday 6 March at 8pm and no prior experience is needed—both of us were freshers when we began our reign of power, and enthusiasm is the most important thing.

So if you’re a budding student journalist, a fan of film and TV, or just generally think you could do a better job than us, get your film finesse on and apply now! Check out cherwell.org/recruitment for more details.


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