Cherwell is recruiting for MT17!

Cherwell are searching for their next editorial team. Get involved with one of Britain's longest running student newspapers in Michaelmas 2017

Cherwell is now recruiting for editorial positions for next term. This is your chance to be part of one of the longest-running independent newspapers in the United Kingdom and to follow in the footsteps of past contributors such as Graham Greene, W.H. Auden, Hadley Freeman, and Evan Davis.

We are recruiting for section editors, deputy section editors, broadcasters, and contributors.

Apply to be a Cherwell section editor here or a deputy section editor here. Apply for a position on the Broadcasting team here. Copy and paste the text from the Google document into your own Google or Word document and email all application forms to

Please email by 8pm on Monday 12 June to give your intention of applying for a position. The deadline for application forms is 8pm the following day, Tuesday 13 June.

Cherwell is also looking for cartoonists, illustrators, and photographers—all interested contact with details of any relevant experience.

Candidates will have a short, informal interview with the editors. Interviews will be held during 8th Week.

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Our Business team is also always looking for new recruits. Cherwell provides some of the best business experience in Oxford and provides excellent preparation for any media, consulting or banking career. We’ll train you on all relevant parts of the business and teach you to raise £10,000 independently. Email to express interest.

Editorial job descriptions:


News is a big section to edit, but it’s the one that has our most exciting headlines and reporting opportunities. This term, Cherwell has held the University to account over its Eurocentric curriculum, reported on a ketamine scandal at Exeter College, and covered the election in Oxford.

Being a news editor means you work closely with the senior editorial team, designing the news coverage, front page and posting content online. We need tenacious student journalists who have a nose for news.

To apply for News Editor, fill out the Section Editor form. It’s very easy to become a News Reporter (and you can still contribute to other sections of the paper too): just send an email to, come along to our weekly meetings, and you can be at the forefront of student journalism (maybe even literally on the front page).


The Comment section has a well-respected tradition of printing cutting-edge opinion pieces from students on a range of Oxford and national issues. Our best debates and opinion pieces are read around the University and online, frequently attracting several thousand hits.

Joining the Comment team also allows you to interview leading political figures and celebrities. In the last year, Cherwell has interviewed Michael Gove, Fiona Bruce, Mary Beard, Jeremy Paxman, Richard Dawkins, David Haye, Slavoj Žižek and Jess Phillips MP among many others.

If you’re passionate about a subject and want to share your views and spark debate, join us. You can be a Deputy Comment Editor even if you haven’t written for us before—Deputy Comment Editors are intended to form a permanent core of reliable writers who can called upon regularly to write for the section. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor there’s no need to fill out a form, just email


Satire has provided a cutting angle on this term’s General Election, leaving no politician safe from its brutal lens. Each week our Satire Editor writes and sources a number of articles and cartoons. Fancy yourself as the next Hislop? Then this is the position for you. Fill in the Section Editor form to apply for the role of Satire Editor.


The Life section hosts a number of Cherwell’s most popular features, including our the John Evelyn gossip column and the (in)famous Blind Date.

We also have a Food & Drink page, which you can additionally apply to edit, or to write for. It features a wide variety of reviews and recipes. If you want to review college meals, or Oxford’s extensive number of bars or restaurants, this is the place to look.

Deputy Life Editors are intended to form a permanent core of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor there’s no need to fill out a form, just email


We are extremely proud of our Investigations section, otherwise known as C+. This is where some of the most in-depth, investigative journalism is done, tackling some of the biggest issues in Oxford today. This term, C+ has polled students ahead of this term’s General Election, and has investigated going out culture, life for disabled students at Oxford, and freedom of speech. If you want to test the waters of investigative life before becoming completely in charge of it, apply for Deputy Investigations Editor.


Appearing in the paper every other week, this term’s we’ve run some brilliant pieces on class at Oxford, Oxford’s traditions and ageism in pop culture. If you’re a fan of the New York Times‘ long form articles, want to interrogate and explore subjects in more detail and fancy reading (or writing) an article longer than the standard comment piece, Features is the section for you. Fill out the Section Editor form to apply to become Features Editor.


This term, we created Oxbow, an eight page culture pullout, with pages dedicated to Film & TV, Stage, Music, Books & Lit, and Photo and Art. We’re one of the first ports of call for reviews of all the student plays, as well as all the other cultural delights which Oxford offers.

If you’d like to edit the whole Oxbow supplement please fill in the Section Editor form. If you’d like to edit any of the Film & TV, Stage, Music, Books & Lit or Visuals pages, please fill in the Section Editor form. If you would just like to contribute to Culture occasionally, there’s no need to fill in a form—please just email expressing your interest.


Our Fashion section has gone from strength to strength this term. If you want to organise weekly photoshoots, or you’ve got opinions on fashion and fancy being the next Sartorialist, this is the section for you.

Deputy Fashion Editors are intended to form a permanent core of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section and to help with the weekly fashion shoots. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor there’s no need to fill out a form, just email

Science & Tech:

Science & Tech has only recently found a home in our weekly paper, but the section, which started in Michaelmas 2016, now publishes regular, focused and cutting-edge articles in Cherwell.

Covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medical Sciences, Engineering, and everything in between, the section allows a thoughtful scientist to publish musings on any new research that has been dumbfounding them, or even interview their favourite scientist. Recent articles have included a piece investigating the power of the nuclear bomb, the continuing process of human evolution, and the influence of the internet on global politics. Fill out the Section Editor form to apply to edit our Science & Tech section.


We report on many major sporting occasions in Oxford—whether your interest is rugby, swimming or lacrosse, there are opportunities for objective analysis of the big games, or not-so-objective match reports from those involved in college matches. Get involved with the Sport section to continue this trend and expand high quality coverage to other sporting fields.

Apply to be a Deputy Sport Editor if you would like to be part of a permanent team of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor you don’t need to fill out a form, just email


Our Broadcasting section has produced fantastic content over the last term, from our weekly news round up to interviewing Oxford’s many parliamentary hopefuls, via covering various sporting events. If you have experience in production and editing, or are just keen to learn about being either behind or in front of the camera, then apply to join the broadcasting team.


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