Trump to visit Oxford

His three-day visit to the UK is “likely” to include a meal at Winston Churchill’s birthplace, Blenheim Palace, on the 12th of July.


Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Oxfordshire during his upcoming tour of Britain, according to national reports.

His three-day visit to the UK is “likely” to include a meal at Winston Churchill’s birthplace, Blenheim Palace, on the 12th of July.

Trump’s advisers are expected to visit the UK within the next few weeks to finalise the itinerary of the controversial trip.

The visit will be the first the president has made to the UK since his election of to office in November 2016. The tour will not be afforded the full ceremony of an official state visit.

Due to the large anti-Trump protest scheduled to take place in London during the visit, the president’s time in the capital will be limited.

53,000 people are expected to attend the protest against the visit.

According to reports, 10,000 police officers will be relied upon to protect the president from any protests or potential terror attacks. 40 police cars and motorbike outriders will also be available for whenever Trump travels by road.

A warm reception cannot be guaranteed in Oxfordshire either. Protesters quickly began to campaign against Trump’s visit to the county, soon after its likelihood was reported.

Oxford West and Abingdon MP, Layla Moran, has pledged to relocate her anti-Trump protest from central London to Blenheim Palace in response to the the rumours.

Trisha Greenhalgh, a leading academic in medicine at the University of Oxford, informed her 36,000 Twitter followers of the proposed date of the visit, telling them “Pink hats are needed folks” before offering one of said hats to MP Layla Moran.

The reference to “pink hats” in Greenhalgh’s tweet alludes to the “Pussyhats”, a symbol of anti-Trumpism and feminist solidarity. These hats were originally worn by protesters in the Women’s Marches held in January of last year, partly in response to Trump’s election.

Following his meal at Blenheim Palace, the president to due to visit Theresa May at her Buckinghamshire country retreat, The Chequers, and then to travel to meet the Queen at Windsor Palace.

On the final day of the president’s “best of British” tour, Trump is also scheduled to visit his Turnberry golf course in Scotland.

Following a police meeting and crime panel held last Friday, Anthony Stansfeld, Thames Valley police and crime commissioner, stated that he had not yet received detailed information regarding Trump’s visit.  

Stansfeld also explained that more information regarding the Presidential visit would soon be shared with the public.



    • Sad, very sad. Nora you are obviously deluded if you think he cares twopence about you. He won’t be reading your message you know. He doesn’t even care about children seeking refuge in America from violence and persecution. He would take your adoration multiply it a thousandfold, the greatest in all visits by presidents to the UK, declare his visit a great success and use it to justify yet another horrific attack on the rights of women and minorities while cosying up to perpetrators of crimes against their people. If you have not already presented to your GP I truly believe you should do so at your earliest opportunity.

  1. His dehumanisation will not be welcome here, that’s for sure, and nor will his practice of sexual assault- lock him up! (After a free and fair trial, of course.)

    That said, I wish there had been some protests against Hillary’s right-wing policies as well though. She supported racist crime policies in the past, opposes single payer-healthcare or the minimum wage being a living wage, is pro-death penalty and pro- Wall Street and supports awful regimes like the Saudis, who make Trump look like a radical progressive in comparision. That she has not called them out in a meaningful way suggests that her feminism is quite honestly just for show; and her support of Saudi arms sales makes her complicit in Saudi Arabia’s illegal war in Yemen.

    I maintain as a lefty that it’s better, and just as important to call out hypocritical behaviour in opposition to human rights from supposed progressives than it is to protest Trump (but we should do both). And I don’t wish to give the impression that Trump is better- he’s obviously far worse, but both Toddler Trump and Crooked Hillary were completely unacceptable, so 3rd party it would have been for me if I was a US citizen!

    • The ‘Crooked Hillary’ epithet was one allocated to her by Trump. He has done so to any and everyone who has opposed him in an effort to belittle them and it has appealed to his base who love simplistic chanting. There has not been any case successfully made that backs up his assertion despite an FBI investigation for two years that came up with nothing. I really think you should drop the slur too as repeating his words lends him some tacit authority which he really does not deserve. Even if you did not mean it to come across as such you appear to be putting Clinton on an equal par with Trump, who is the most dangerous man the world has currently to contend with. He is what you would call, under any circumstances, a bad actor.

      • I would certainly acknowledge where the slogan came from, although I maintain that even a broken clock is right twice a day. We should certainly try and negotiate with North Korea, which I don’t think Hillary would have done; though advocating “fire and fury” is also an utterly reckless idea. And NAFTA is actually terrible, it allows businesses to sue the US/Mexican/Canadian governments in secret courts filled with industry representatives when they pass laws the businesses don’t like while deregulating on top, though that isn’t why Trump critcises NAFTA (he likes those parts of it).

        I agree that the FBI thing is frankly unimportant and I could not care less; my concern is that Hillary lies about being a progressive and cosies up to despots (such as the Saudis) and she needs to be called out on this; it would be the height of hypocracy to attack Trump for cosying up to dictators but not to call out Hillary for the same as well.

        Her taking donations from Wall Street but claiming that it doesn’t make her corrupt is exactly the same argument the supreme court used in Citizen’s United, and I’m still waiting for her to give us the text of those Wall Street speeches, so while I got sick and tired of hearing about her @*!$ emails, I maintain that the epithet of “Crooked Hillary” really is true.

        Hey, you can even find her cosying up to Trump way back in the day, enough so that she attended his wedding to Melania back in 2005! And Tiffany Trump and the Clintons both attended the same wedding of some hedge fund managers in 2017 (!), so I think that speaks for itself. There isn’t a way to take on the Trump agenda or discrimination, dehumanisation and violence in US politics without getting rid of the corruption in the Democrat party first.

        Also, I don’t think Hillary is in any sense entitled to the votes of progressives by virtue of not being Trump, but Gary Johnson “took” more votes away from Trump than Jill Stein “did” from Hillary in the swing states, just to prempt the critcism. And I think it really is the case that Bernie would have won, but at least the Trump admisintration has caused progressives to wake up and fight things they would have ignored under Hillary and ignored under Obama, so in the long run the pain of the next few years is probably worth it if we would likely have had one term of Hillary before the inevitable switch to Republicans; I think we will instead have at least one term of actual progressives come 2020 if not two. And despite not having any connections to the US, I did protest Trump on his inaguration day, so I’ve not been silent about his policies either…

  2. The protests against the elected leader of our most important ally are not only utterly childish, but damaging to the UK’s interests. I hope that President Trump will be warmly welcomed to the UK on his visit.

      • I suppose that all the people you don’t like have “abhorrent” views, just because you don’t like them. Childish.

    • His visit must be protested at every opportunity. His views and actions are abhorrent. Apologists for Hitler and Mussolini existed before and during WW2 and the outcomes from their regimes were not pretty. Trump has professed admiration for Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Duterte and Kim while pouring ridicule and scorn on the G7, NATO and the UNHRC and instituted a trade war with his closest allies. Even Theresa May herself has been mocked, so her meeting with him will be like sucking on lemons. Dignifying him with a visit is not the position those of conscience should condone but it is a chance to show and voice our disapproval of him as a man. He is a temporary visitor to the White House and he will be displaced and replaced by someone much more acceptable if we help by making our feelings known. What sort of a ‘deal’ could be good enough to get into bed with this fascist, racist, misogynist who uses children as bargaining chips?

    • Childish? Show some British backbone and stand up for those who cannot do so for themselves. Trump is not the whole of America and there are moves afoot to make him face up to his criminal behaviour before and during his campaign to become president. To warmly welcome him is tantamount to supporting what he does at home. This is unconscionable. If we are in a mess it is because Brexit has forced us into this place. I for one will not stand by while the fascists among us say we have no choice but to embrace him or our trade will suffer.


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