Fast food now even faster

Fast-food giants, Subway and KFC, can now deliver to your doorstep


KFC and Subway can now be delivered to your doorstep with Just Eat’s food delivery service.

The company has also reduced the minimum order spend and delivery fee to zero meaning that a customer can order anything from a footlong sub to a bargain-bucket with no additional cost.

Restaurants participating in the scheme include KFCs on both the Cowley Road and Cornmarket Street, and Subways on both St Clements and the Cowley Road.

Already, the service’s waiting times are almost an hour. 

One excited second year told Cherwell that the news “is the best thing they’ve heard all year.”

They said: “Remembering to feed myself is tough at the best of times. Now I can get a nutritious and delicious meal delivered to my door for a bargain price!”

The news comes in light of drivers working for two of Just Eat’s competitors, Uber Eats and Deilveroo, announcing a strike for a £10 an hour wage and union recognition.

Just Eat also offers delivery services from a number of establishments in Oxford such as YoSushi, Bella Italia, Itsu, Pizza Express and the Spice Lounge.


  1. Why exactly is Cherwell shilling and advertising for an unhealthy fast food company that pays less than the Oxford Living Wage and at the very least in the past, had a really bad environmental record on top (they have no policy published so no clue how bad they are now)? I don’t want to read an ad! ]:(

    Did KFC pay for this, given that it reads almost like a press release for them? I dare say that would be a more interesting story for Cherwell to investgate? This article could really have done with some proper editorial balance, and we’d be far better off without KFC to be honest!


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