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Creaming Spires HT15 Week 6

This week, Ava Gina has an enlightening conversation.

Creaming Spires HT15 Week 4

This week, Ava deals with an embarrassing academic encounter

Creaming Spires HT15 Week 3

This week Ava Gina deals with an old taboo.

Creaming Spires HT15 Week 2

This week, Ava Gina explores the perils of flirting.

Creaming Spires HT15 Week 1

This week a combination of work and stress have left Ava with a bit of a dry spell

Creaming Spires: 0th Week HT

This week Ava Gina Deals with some awkward questions

Creaming Spires: 7th week MT

Ava Gina teaches us how to deal with that brief encounter

Creaming Spires: 5th week MT

Fifth week sees Ava Gina's passion for her subject rekindled

Creaming Spires: 4th Week MT

Ava Gina takes a trip to Cowley to look at some dildos... and discovers their floral side

Creaming Spires: 3rd week Michaelmas

Ava Gina experiments with lace and leather...and gets a disappointing result


Jee Saheb: A joy

The traditional restaurant sticks to the classics from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan

Banishing elitist traditions, de-mystifying applications, and peer support

Three students weigh in on how to tackle Oxbridge's access problem

True West Review – ‘this is truly sweet suburban silence’

Sam Shepard's play explores the tensions behind the American Dream.
Cartoon sketch of Karl Lagerfeld in the style of a barbie doll

Chanel Métiers d’Art: the star-spangled update Lagerfeld needed

Chanel's latest show sees Karl break out of the comfort zone in unapologetic extravagance.
Kate Tempest onstage with a microphone

Poetry in motion: the nature of lyrics

Should lyrics be given the same respect as poetry?