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Worcester victorious at Corpus Tortoise race

Tortoises storm to victory at race held in aid of OUSU's Mind Your Head campaign

NUS Referendum

Cherwell talks to the leaders of the 'Yes' and 'No' campaigns in the week coming up to the referendum on whether Oxford should remain in NUS

Hilda’s library closes the night before Classics mods

St Hilda’s Library unexpectedly closes early less than 24 hours before the start of second year classicists’ exams.

Merton’s Winter Ball made £8,000 loss

Merton’s Winter Ball losses to be covered by the college’s JCR and MCR

Merton JCR bans The Sun from common room

Britain’s most popular newspaper will be removed from Merton’s common room, as voted for by a majority

Library access for rusticated students

Students taking a year out will have greater access to University resources

UKIP councillor blames flooding on gay marriage

Students in uproar as David Silvester claims recent Oxfordshire floods are down to government’s legalisation of gay marriage

Merton apologises for amped-up Winter Ball

Revelries could be heard from over a mile away, local residents and councillor complain

Fuel poverty protest in Oxford

Demonstration took place outside the British Gas headquarters in Oxford

Bizarre motions at Pembroke JCR

Pembroke motions introducing FIFA penalty rules to its football team and to give funds to a tanning society


Jesus College accused of controversial evangelical group ‘cover-up’

Jesus is now the third Oxford college to have hosted Christian Concern in recent years, along with Exeter and Trinity, whilst LMH is currently considering whether or not to host the group

Students raise safety concerns over ‘extremely frightening’ Park End queue

“It was an extremely frightening experience; several people were experiencing panic attacks."

Don’t confuse free speech with hate speech

The Union’s series of predictably shocking speakers are anathema to our values

Union Standing Committee vote to continue with Bannon event

Officials voted narrowly to not cancel the event, despite pressure from student groups

Oxford Dictionaries announce Word of the Year 2018

Runners-up included 'big dick energy', 'incel', and 'gammon'