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Here’s to you, Ms Robinson

Christy Edwall listens to the Pulitzer-prize winning novelist and essayist speak

Settling the Score

Christy Edwall talks with Dario Marianelli about the art of composition

Seeing a man about a dog

Christy Edwall speaks to author Mark Haddon about what comes after a bestseller

Large-scale opera-tions

Christy Edwall talks to impresario Ellen Kent about Romanians, Verdi, and pheasants

Manuscripts of Desire

Christy Edwall talks medieval manuscripts with Nicholas Perkins

The long and the short of it

Christy Edwall speaks with the new master of the short short story

Just right with Cartwright

Christy Edwall talks apartheid and friendship with the acclaimed author

Wise-ing Up

Christy Edwall takes a tour of Summertown's Sarah Wiseman Gallery

Down and Out in Literary Paris

Christy Edwall goes to Paris in search of books, bohemians, and the legendary George Whitman

Masters at work

Christy Edwall introduces a new series of interviews with creative academics from Oxford


Letter To: My Oxford friends

Deep into the long vac, Annie reflects on her first year friendships

McQueen Review – “an example of masterful documentary film-making”

Ian Bonhôte's creation celebrates McQueen’s legacy as a skilled artist and visionary

Welcome Freshers!

Congratulations - you made it!

Let’s talk about: Medicine Resits

Learning that you have to resit your medicine exams is difficult, and it is only made worse by an unfair system

Witch Hunt Review – ‘Dizzily funny writing and disastrous hair’

Horseplay Productions' politically-charged sketch comedy hits comedic targets despite an ambiguous through-line.