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Daniel Curtis

Daniel Curtis
Daniel is a student journalist in his second year of an English and French degree at St. Anne’s College, Oxford. He was formerly Producer and Broadcast Assistant for Peak FM's 'Total Sport'. Dan was editor of Cherwell in Trinity 2017.

If…everything was determined by referenda

Daniel Curtis explores a potential dystopian future in which the populist notion of direct democracy has been taken to the extreme—with bleak effects

The end of the film reel

Daniel Curtis refuses to feel any sense of nostalgia for the state of the remake-filled film industry

Gym diary: start getting your fitness back on track (and maybe...

Today is the day. 20 years of questionable diet habits and lethargy have left you tubby. Three years of vegetarianism have left you puny—or...

W.H. Auden’s return to Christ Church

In the sixth instalment of Through the Looking Glass, Daniel Curtis follows in the footsteps of W.H. Auden

Richard Burton’s well trodden boards

In the latest installment of Through the Looking Glass, Daniel Curtis investigates the past of the Burton Taylor Studio

One thing I’d change about Oxford… Inequality of college endowments

Daniel Curtis calls for attention to the disparity between the endowments of different colleges

Through the Looking Glass: Gerard Manley Hopkin’s Oratory

Daniel Curtis steps inside Hopkins' spiritual inspiration

Oh, Albarn, stop playing with me!

Daniel Curtis just can’t wait for the new Gorillaz album

Album review: California – blink-182

Daniel Curtis analyses blink-182's hit comeback album.

The revolution will be live-streamed

Daniel Curtis explores the narrative merits of video games